Frodo here. It is February 5, and according to what Viktor would call “the crazy calendar,” it is something called National Weatherperson’s Day. A day devoted to meteorologists. Or what I prefer to call Fortunetellers Day. Or Professional Gamblers Day. Or Professional Dart Throwers Day. I suppose that’s actually unfair to Fortunetellers, Dart Throwers and Gamblers because they probably have higher accuracy rates than Weatherpersons. Like Viktor, my absolute favorite thing about weather forecasting is long term forecasting for one to two weeks. They generally cannot predict how much snow will fall within 24 hours so WHY do they even try to predict the weather a week in advance? Where else can you have a job where you are frequently wrong – and you still get to keep your job? I suppose I am being a bit harsh – and while I am sure they TRY their best….it’s still a gamble.

Even our local prognosticating rodent had forecasting problems this past week. This is a brilliant example of forecasting at its best. Each year, on February 2, our local groundhog, Shubenacadie Sam makes his forecast about spring. It’s a big celebration to see if the rodent will or will not see his shadow. People come from all over to see Sam emerge from his den. It’s a little festival. But in an ironic twist of forecasting fate- on February 1, the weather prognosticating rodent festival was CANCELLED- because the weather forecast was calling for a storm. They said he would make his prediction via social media. I’m not joking. So sure enough, the next day the attendants at the park where Sam lives reported his actions and posted them on-line. And the funny part? There was no storm. The forecast was wrong. They didn’t need to cancel the festival. It was a nice, sunny day. Oopsie. The bad part, though – as a result of the sunny weather, the rodent saw his shadow, went back to his den, and that sadly signals 6 more weeks of winter. That was in contrast to other groundhogs – Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania and Wiarton Willie in Ontario who said there will be an early Spring. Lucky them. As if a rodent can make a 6 week prediction anyway.

Meanwhile, here at home, the beatnik and I were crushed yesterday- despite a beautiful sunny day. After a nice long walk, her highness announced she was “going out for a bit.” Her bit is like a week in dog years. When she returned, we greeted her and we were instantly mortified. She was cheating on us. It was evident all over her. Her hands, her legs and even her shoelaces had the distinct aroma of dogs. Several dogs.

After we sniffed and inhaled practically every inch of her body, she confessed where she had been. Which frankly, annoyed me even more. She had been to visit MY breeders. MY birthplace. How dare she go there and not take moi?

It seems my breeders just got a new PON puppy. And her highness just HAD to meet her. She said the puppy was “a sweetheart.” On top of that, there were Coton puppies there as well. And they were reportedly equally adorable. Our initially rapidly wagging tails slowed when we realized we had missed out on a delightful afternoon. I do believe there will be some serious countersurfing happening over the next few days as payback.

And no – before you puppy loving readers start jumping to conclusions- we are not getting a Coton puppy. Much as we love our Coton buddy Milo, we are not adding to our household right now. Don’t get any ideas. None. Whatsoever. I “predict” that there will not be another Musketeer added to this household for QUITE some time. Probably years. You can quote me on that. Me and my accurate prediction friend Sam.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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