Signs. Part 2.

Well. It’s Frodo again. It seems that my posting yesterday caused a fair amount of discussion in this house. And the discussions have resulted in several tangents. Allow me to explain.

Many, many of you wrote to say that you also saw “the sign” left by Viktor. Some of you saw his face in the clouds. Some of you saw his profile running. Most of you saw some image of the grey whirlwind. And that was super comforting. And interesting. But- that’s not what we saw!!!!

Just a few people saw what her highness saw. Here’s a clue… look in the sky again – for a letter…It’s barely there in this one…

Do you see it now? It’s a letter V. Or at least that’s what her highness first spotted. Which got me thinking about a lot of things. Why did her highness see a letter? Is it her background as a speech pathologist and her work with words? Did others see Viktor because they expected to see Viktor? Is it like those optical illusions where people just see things differently. Here’s a great article about humans and optical illusions:

Interesting stuff. And here are some funny illusions that involve animals:

And an article that shows that we animals may see optical illusions too!

On a deeper level, do humans focus on something because they expect something, and miss other information? How much do “influencers” impact what humans see? And believe.

Indeed – some rather deep discussions – all from a couple of colorful dog photos.

But getting back to “signs” – the general consensus agreed that there are signs around us. And they provide comfort and a sense of peace. So no matter what you saw – the fact that you looked – and believed – is the key point.

Now. Excuse me while we head out for our walk. And we’ll be watching, listening and sniffing for more signs. I’m thinking we canines have you humans beat when it comes to being perceptive. And that my friends is why we canines rule the world.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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