Update 2

To begin, I want to thank all who are praying and sending messages of hope and support. I have come to understand that many of you feel a closeness to this wonderful dog that is hard to imagine given that you have never met him. I have shared everything about him – the good and often the bad! I can truly feel the love that many of you have for him.

He remains critically critically ill. They called yesterday afternoon and said I should come. I raced over but by the time I got there he had rallied. A bit. His ammonia levels are extremely high – causing his brain fog and semi-comatose state. They have been working to reduce those.

He could be seen at the vet college which is a 4 hour drive, but he is in such a poor shape, they didn’t know if he would survive the ride. I would have to drive him. They weren’t recommending the journey.

Last night at midnight they again called with concerns. He showed decline in some blood values, but improvement in some. For example, his ammonia levels had improved. They do not know what the cause is for his problems. Some things point to liver problems but his overall liver function is NOT in crisis. An ultrasound was not remarkable. Some of his kidney values are off – but again, some are normal.

They have tested for lepto and tick illnesses. The results were negative.

There are at least 6 vets who have been consulted on his case, and they are stumped. They said if I didn’t hear from them through the night, no news was good news. Or at least stable news. It’s 6AM. No calls from them. I will call shortly and will go over after the other two boys have been cared for. It is nothing short of agonizing.

Thank you for all the love and concern. It is challenging to write this update – because he remains such a very sick boy. But they do not feel he is in discomfort or extreme pain. That I could not bear. As long as he shows improvement in at least one area, we will continue to fight the fight. The problem is, we don’t know who the enemy is….

3 thoughts on “Update 2

  1. Please take comfort in knowing that every person who reads Viktor’s views loves him and is praying for his recovery. Stay strong and Believe. Love to you all.


  2. Dear Linda, Please know that Cyrille and I are thinking and praying for you and Viktor. We are also thinking of Elroy and Frodo. The most important thing is that Viktor be comfortable and without pain and the team at the clinic are going to make certain that this is the case. How lucky you are to have them. He is a fighter. May you have the strength required to get through this time. Annette

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