Health update…

Well my friends and blog readers, things here are…troubling. Yesterday I decided I did not want to eat. Now when a PON doesn’t want to eat, you know you have a real problem. So her highness made an appointment for me to see the vet immediately.

I saw the vet who has LOTS of experience with dogs. The guy who has a great big giant laugh – which can be heard throughout the clinic . He knows her highness well – so he understands what a crazy dog lady she is.

He examined me and didn’t find anything unusual on exam – although he could see that I am wobbly on my feet. I didn’t take a treat from him, mind you, lots of dogs at the vet don’t always want to think about treats. We reviewed my history and my medication list. And of course the first thing he wanted to do was blood work..

It seems that one of the possible long term side effects of my many medications is presenting itself. I have had changes in my liver function. And it has changed noticeably since February when I last had full blood work.

As the vet described, it is high, but in his opinion, not in a critical danger stage. BUT, we do not want it to get worse. So, he gave me some medication for liver support, and he wants me to watch my diet. He also suggested we dial back some of my medication.

Of course, her highness has been reading like mad about my condition. The vet gave me some stimulant for my appetite. Her highness had switched my food back to my old food – as you may recall. The only problem – I’m not crazy about that old food. It has a much lower protein level – which is good for me, but frankly, I no longer find it as yummy as the other stuff that had a much higher protein level. Give me the super rich food – and I’ll eat it. Give me the old food, and I just look at it.

As an aside, her highness has been giving me a liver support supplement (with milk thistle) for probably a year now. We will continue on that.

I should note that I went for a LONG 2.5 km walk with everyone yesterday, and while I wasn’t always at the front of the pack, I kept up and loved it. I played fetch and gleefully tried again to destroy a stuffed toy. I also had brilliant poops (those are her highness’ words, not mine.). I did take my pills because who can refuse pill pockets of ground beef and cottage cheese? I also did eat 3/4 of my supper and all my blueberries. Oh – and treats I would eat.

When Joanie came by to visit yesterday, I ran out to meet her, and every time we go out, I do get a good spurt of energy. So there are times when I am my old self. But it’s obvious at other times that I have a real problem.

So my readers, I really need your positive thoughts and prayers. And if anyone has experience with diets for dogs with liver challenges, please feel free to contact her highness. She would love to hear from you.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “Health update…

  1. Oh Viktor, I hate to hear that you are not feeling your best and worry terribly when I hear such news. I think we have some of the same friends on Facebook and one is very up to date on PON health. I’ll reach out to her. Sending all my positive thoughts to you and your family🐾❤️


  2. Oh Viktor, I am so sorry to hear that you are having health problems. Sending prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery. Hugs for you and the rest of your family. 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕


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