It takes a village…

For those of you following my blog for a long time, you know that I have epilepsy. For newcomers – it’s a tough disease. JUST when you think you have it under control- BOOM – I have another seizure. I’ve had epilepsy for several years now – and it is considered “controlled” if I have one or fewer seizures per month. I used to keep my seizure count on my blog. However, her highness has bad math skills and she often messed up the count! Since we are not writing every day, it would be even MORE mixed up. She does, though, still mark it on the calendar.

So you know about my seizures and you know about my meds. But I’m not sure you know about my schedule…Since before my human went on her trip, my pill schedule is like this: 7AM, 3PM, 7PM and 11PM. The 3PM and 11PM pills were added just before she went away.

We did the 7 and 7 routine for years. It often meant that her highness had to turn down social invitations if they were scheduled close to 7PM. Sometimes she WOULD give me my pill a bit early, and sometimes if she was to attend something important, she would ask one of Pig Pen’s humans to pop by and give me my pill. He is a very nice neighbor- and never seemed to mind – but at the same time, her highness hates to bug people. She hates to feel like a nuisance – even though she probably never asked more than twice a month..

And we were doing fine – until the new schedule started. Although she IS retired- the mid-afternoon pills really changed things. She has to run her errands early in the day, and go to an EARLY matinee. Now that may not SOUND so bad, but it really does change things. Like when Elroy was in the dog show. There were two shows each day. The show was about a 50 minute drive. Entering the afternoon shows was a challenge because I would miss my 3 PM pill. And when she entered the morning shows, and her group started at 8, I had to get my pill early and then she had to drive like crazy. Within the speed limit of course. Cough. Cough.

So in the past week, she decided she needed HELP. She took up the offer of several neighbors, and showed them how to give me my pills. The schedule is also written very clearly on a big sheet on the cupboard door.

Yesterday her highness was going with two neighbors on a little boat trip to an island that she had always wanted to visit. They would be gone from 9-4. So now what? Well. We have a new girlfriend. Her name is Anna. She lives on our road, and she and her mother came by the other night. Anna LOVES animals- and it’s very evident. As soon as she came in, yours truly was all over her. And usually I’m kind of aloof, until I get to know someone. I’m a typical PON. Anyway, I was NOT aloof with Anna. I thought she was cool. We ALL did.

Anna gets home from school each day at 2:30…. So Anna learned how to give me my pill. And she was shown how to let us out into the fenced side yard for a pee. Although, her highness said she didn’t HAVE to do that yesterday- the pill was the main task.

Well I’m here to tell you, Anna did he job VERY well yesterday. AND she let us out too. We love her!

During the dog show, another neighbor had also given me my pill. And another one has also offered to help and we just need to show her how to do it.

As I said earlier, her highness hates to ask for help. But sometimes- you just NEED it. And that line – “It takes a Village..” could never be more true! And more amazing…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

6 thoughts on “It takes a village…

  1. I am so happy that her highness has found so many people to to help out with your medication. I stopped in to see you all on Wednesday but I guess her highness was off doing her errands.


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