She’s leaving…

Well her highness is abandoning us.  She leaves today for her trip to the Motherland.  I’ll call it that since her grandfather and great-grandparents came from Poland – as did ours several generations ago.  She realized the other day that this trip will be the LONGEST time she has been away from us.  Absence makes the heart go fonder.  As do guilt gifts.

Although we will pine for her (or at least pretend to) we will be in excellent hands.  Char AND her mother will be holding down the fort. They both are very dog savvy- so I doubt we’ll get them to empty the treat jar on Day 1. They’re no pushovers… But they love us and the feeling is mutual.
Anyway, my human and I had to discuss what would happen with my blog while she’s away.  As we know, she does the typing. I COULD get Char to send her texts every day with our updates, but I decided we REALLY could take a blog-cation.  But wait – before you frown – we won’t totally let you down.  We have a plan…
You know how you watch TV and have a favorite show – and it takes a break for a few weeks?  And it shows re-runs?  Well.  We have just spent hours combing through some of our favorite blog postings.  Do you realize- for those who have been with us since “the beginning” – that come September we will have been doing this for FIVE years.  FIVE years.  A blog post pretty much EVERY DAY.  We are at over 1750 stories.  And probably 400 are about poop.  
So we will post a few stories – AND we took some special photos – just for this time period.  We call them “Notes from the dog.”   If you enjoy them, please feel free to share them.
You won’t know my seizure count after today – until her highness gets back.  We talked to my vet yesterday and we altered one of my medications- and it seemed to do the trick – no seizures yesterday.  When her highness is back, I hope my count will be a GOOD reveal.
In the meantime- stay tuned!! And stay wagging.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 1

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