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July 30.  And according to the crazy calendar, it’s Paperback Book Day.  I though that was perfect timing – as my human JUST finished a book I wanted to mention.  Only problem? The book only appears to be available in hardcover.  Oh well. Youll have to wait for the paperback.  

Here’s the book:

The book was written by the the director of the SPCA in Los Angeles. And it was VERY eye opening with regard to designer dogs – like doodles and -apoos and teacups.  This is actually an industry that goes well beyond backyard breeders.  The book also talks about dogs that are smuggled into the US – and discusses “rescues” from other countries.  Not all “rescues” are purely done to be “kind to canines.”  Much of this is big business – and there are people who profit from dog traffic.  Who knew?  

The book, of course, talks about puppy mills – which despite efforts over the past 20 years to end them – still DO exist.  Some of the descriptions of the conditions that some dogs are found in, were beyond horrible.  And parts of the book talk at length about some laws regarding animal protection.  Some of the legalese was a bit much – as it is relevant only in certain areas.  And of course, the book is written with regard to conditions and situations in the US – but other countries ARE mentioned. 
Now as expected, the author has a huge bias toward “adopt don’t shop” – BUT she does talk about what to look for in a reputable purebred breeder.  So while she didn’t extol the virtues of purebreds – she also did not trash purebreds either. 
If you’re looking for some easy, informative non-fiction summer reading, it is worth it.  And it’s actually a pretty quick read.  Now please keep in mind that I didn’t sift through ALL her references- and this is a dog’s recommendation… No matter what – it IS good for thought.
We got to see Lou and Rose again yesterday- before they head home to Buffalo today.  We wish them happy trails – and hope they’ll be back again soon!!
Time to patrol the plantation.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 14

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