The adventure continues

Apparently the road dog had another good day yesterday .  He behaved in the hotel room overnight, although he does squeak if my human even goes it the bathroom.  So what else is new?!

He got to meet his breeder, Anne yesterday and Anne’s husband.  He was quite happy to see them – and I think the feeling was mutual! They had a good visit and then her highness and Glenda got to meet the land sharks.  The FG didn’t meet them – but he sure liked the smell of them afterwards! They are apparently cute as buttons.  Whatever that means.  Anyway they are SUPER outgoing, adventurous, and although they DO like to chew on humans, they also enjoy a good cuddle. Here are just a few shots taken of a couple of them in a rare non-moving moment!

I must confess- they ARE pretty cute.  But I also repeat – my human is NOT coming home with one.  I think the three of us keep her rather busy enough!

Today they’ll visit the puppies again and then start making their way back home.  Rumor has it they stopped at an interesting shop yesterday  – and I’m hoping it was to buy some guilt gifts. Not that we REALLY need guilt gifts – we are having a great time with Char- but we’ll take surprises any time. The shop where they stopped is a combination dog supplies/grooming/day care/ human snack bar. When they came in, there were three small dogs running around to greet them. The FG was reportedly well behaved, despite the fact that one little guy was not impressed with the big Picard.  The FG just ignored him.  And he was pleased to get some complimentary treats.  This photo is a bit of a tease…

The adventure continues…

Have a good one! Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 12

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