Nature Photography Day

It’s one of my favorite days!  I say that every year – so it must be true. It’s Nature Photography Day.  And since we canines are lower to the ground than you adult humans, we get a good close up view of nature.  Much of which we pee on. Unless we are instructed not to.  So then we resort to doing it when we’re not being watched.  

When I went to take my shots yesterday , it had just rained.  So this is my Wet Nature Photography Day.  With a few extra shots thrown in for good measure.
Wildlife in nature is hard to capture. I didn’t see any bunnies but I did get a few elusive creatures.  Like this turkey vulture taken down the road a while back.  They are kind of ominous looking but apparently not dangerous.  They like to eat road kill.  We canines would prefer to roll in road kill- so we have a common “like.”

Here’s another creature.  A pileated woodpecker.  He’s hard to see but you can make out his red head.

Then we have the “disappearing wild coy-dog”.  He’s blurry – I was lucky to get this shot as he popped up behind his rock.

Now for some close ups.  First we have a tulip.  The one and only tulip in our yard.  And she still thinks she can grow vegetables…

Here are some wild flower things on our property.  THOSE we grow easily.  

Here’s a close up of moss.  The FG LOVES to dig moss…

Here’s a web.  A wet web. Before I peed on it.

This is a bunchberry.  I thought it was a Mayflower.  They’re all little white flowers to me. You find these in our woods.

These are water drops on Larch.  Larch looks like it has needles, like an evergreen, but it turns yellow in the fall and the needles come off.  They have just come back out!

These are rocks.  Very pee-able.

I like lichens….

I must include a hosta.  We have lots of them.  Her highness likes them because you don’t have to do ANYTHING to them.  And they always come back.  They completely withstand dog pee.  Lots of people can’t grow hostas because deer like to eat them.  Guess the deer don’t like hostas covered in dog pee.  Score one for the pee kings.

And lastly,  we have Einstein’s favorite.  Get it?

OK.  That’s it for this year. I know you humans like to take the “big view” of nature- but sometimes you really need to take a dog’s eye view of things.  Yup – another canine lesson. We teach you so much…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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