Her highness got an email from a former graduate student yesterday – and it included information about a research study going on at the university where my human worked.

The study is through the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience- and they are looking at whether dogs’ abilities to find hidden objects are predicted by their understanding of spoken words, as is the case in human infants and young children.

In the study, dogs get to search for hidden rewards, and they also look at the dogs’ ability to understand English words. Dogs cannot be bilingual- and their primary language must be English.  They say that any dog can participate regardless of age, breed, or ability level. 

So you KNOW she had to volunteer us.  She immediately emailed the researchers.  HOWEVER, I’m thinking they probably won’t call us.  Because she included the following info in her email:   “All three of my dogs understand English.  Whether they choose to respond though is another story.” Very funny.  I think she ruined my chance to do research .  And to prove my brilliance.

And speaking of brilliance, I found this video the other day.  This is one trick we won’t even THINK about attempting in this house.  NONE of us has this level of patience.  Including my human:

That’s just plain freaky.  That dog needs some sheep.  What’s he going to learn next- chess?!
Excuse me while I do something brilliant like chew on Einstein’s ears.  And watch the FG toss around a baby carrot.  Yup- they will never pick us for that study…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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