Human need for rest

The NERVE of my human.  Sometimes I think I need to take her back to obedience classes.  She is acting a BIT like SHE is in charge here.  No treats for her this weekend.

We KNOW she has been working- and in order to avoid the ongoing traffic jungle with the current road construction in the city, she gets up at 4:30 so she can walk us before she has to go to work. And we also know she has been tired because she hasn’t had a lot of sleep.  But her “solution” on Friday night was utterly unacceptable. 
She announced that she wanted to SLEEP – so she went into the DFZ with her pillow- and went to sleep on the couch.  We were appalled.  I mean, none of us could sleep with her on her bed!  Which we essentially use as a trampoline all night.  In rotating shifts.  One or two of us are on, then one gets off, another gets on.  And so it goes.  Not to mention intermittent licking of various parts of our anatomy.
While she is quite used to this routine, she said she wanted a FULL night’s sleep.  Hence she sequestered herself in the DFZ.  We all just stared at each other, but she was sound asleep before we could even protest.  But not to worry…
Promptly at 4:00 AM, we took turns standing by the gate to the DFZ and we began squeaking.  First it was me.  She opened one eye, looked at the time, said “it’s Saturday – go back to sleep.”  Fifteen minutes later, it was Einstein’s turn.  He let out a single bark. She said “it’s raining. Can’t you hear it? You hate rain. Go back to sleep”.  Fifteen minutes later, the FG chimed it with his high pinched squeak.  She said “10 more minutes. Go back to sleep.” Our rotating protests occurred every 10-15 minutes.  She FINALLY got up at 6:30.  And we were OVERJOYED to see her. Admittedly, she DID look more refreshed than she does at 4:30…
We hope she is now back on her schedule. She is MUCH easier to train when she is well rested.  Nothing worse than trying to control a cranky, overtired human. Thank GOODNESS she is not working this week…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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