My human visited with her sister this weekend.  Losing a canine companion is never, every easy.  And sometimes I think it is even a tiny bit more difficult when you are owned by one dog.  Returning  to an empty home must be terrible.   At least when you have more than one of us – you still have a companion who will try to ease your pain.  Research has shown that loss of a pet can feel equally devastating to loss of a human.  The idea that “it’s just a dog” is now recognized as not being true.

The following website has some excellent suggestions for those who have suffered the loss of a pet:
We were very mindful of how my human’s sister was feeling when she visited with us this weekend.  We all paid attention to her and gave her some loving.  But the biggest lover was the FG.  He really loves my human’s sister – and if he could crawl inside her, he would.   While she and my human were having dessert on Saturday night, the FG decided to “move in” for some loving.   Now the difference between him and us PONs – is that we would try this too – but we would also have one eye,at the same time, on her dessert.  The FG didn’t care about the dessert. He just wanted her attention.   My human took some shots, and she and her sister had a great laugh about the sequence.   Hope you get a chuckle too:
“Ummmmmm…..what the heck is THAT on my sweater?”

“Excuse me.  Can you help me down here?”
“Excuse ME.  All paws should be on the floor.”

Excuse me kind Sir.  I mean kind Miss. I said -Can you help me down here?”
What did we say about paws on the floor?”

Surprise!!! Come on. Just one little kiss!”

“Hey are those new earrings you are wearing? And I like your new haircut. Even though you look like Cousin It in this photo.”

“Come on. Just one kiss.”

“Here. Let me put a paw on your shoulder. Admit it.  You love me.”

No dessert was stolen nor nose broken during the filming of this series.  And it was good that the FG could make my human’s sister laugh.  Even for a little bit.  
And for those who are wondering.  No.  My human does now allow us dogs to do this with company during dinner.  Just family…..
My human is back to work today.  So we are back on guard duty.  She enjoys her work – but she is very much looking forward to being off again.  Permanently.  We are counting down the days.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 4

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