I’m a hero!

I’m a hero!!!!!!  Well I guess “hero” is a BIT of a stretch considering I caused the problem in the first place – BUT – I DID get a response from Mountain Equipment Co-op!  It started it off as follows:

Hi Linda and Viktor,


Thank you for your fun e-mail. I almost thought it was Spam 😉 But I’m glad I kept reading.

I’m afraid we no longer sell the olive green and you’re right, we’re pretty much out of stock on the clearance colours, BUT I managed to find an indigo blue one for you in the Montreal store….

So my human was able to get another fleece.  Not the same color I altered, but still, at least she will have the same model.   There goes my biscuit money that I earned by doing chores.  I should have thought of that while I was eating through the pocket.

So big thanks to Mountain Equipment Co-op for responding and for helping me out!  The name of the person who responded was Sanne – so if you ever run into Sanne –  thank her again.  My human also sent her a big thanks.  On my behalf.   I think I will send her this blog too.

As an aside….I understand through this experience (and my previous experiences) that I am NOT the ONLY dog who has ever chewed through pockets. Someone suggested a site for sharing tips and suggestions on how to repair chewed pockets.  My human suggested a support group.  Chewers Anonymous.  There is probably a market for chewed pocket patches.  Hey – my next money making scheme!!  I can certainly design the holes for the patches.  I can also be the poster dog…

My human is back at work this week.  We decided to count down the number of 4:45 AM walks.   19 to go.  

Have a good one!   Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 27

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