April 26.  And such an important holiday.  It’s National Hairball Awareness Day.  I’m surprised my human didn’t have the day off.

While cats are kind of the poster animals for hairballs, we dogs CAN get them too.   If we tend to lick ourselves a lot – either because of allergies, or even because we are bored – we CAN get the dreaded trichobezoars.  Add that to your Jeopardy terms.  It’s basically a glob of hair that accumulates in a mass in our stomachs.  Usually we will pass the offending matter in our poo – or we could actually vomit a hairball.   In unusual cases, a hairball COULD get large and cause an obstruction – probably necessitating surgery.

If we stay well groomed, we are less likely to swallow lots of hair.  Great.  More grooming.  As well, we are less likely to lick ourselves if we are active and not bored.  Bring on the toys and more walks!

I read that early human cultures believed that hairballs possessed magical or medicinal properties.   Really.   Picture THAT on your mantle….Anyway, no licking today and take time to think about Hairballs today.  For just a minute.

And the good news – It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so glad that my human will have TWO DAYS OFF!!!!  Daylight walks.   Lots of them.  Let the weekend begin!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 23

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