Simple miracles

Sometimes we take for granted the little things in life.  We wish for the big lottery win.  Or we count down the days to the weekend – not appreciating the day that is unfolding before us.  I must confess, we HAVE been doing the countdown since my human went back to work this week.  And we will all be glad that tomorrow is Friday.  But sometimes you do need to look at little things that happen – and although the events are not earth shattering, they are wonderful and even a little bit miraculous just the same… and we need to appreciate them!

Like yesterday morning.  We have had a VERY rainy week.  So getting up at 4:30 AM and going out into the dark for our morning constitutional has been a BIT of a drag.   But despite the rainy weather, we have somehow managed to escape the torrential downpours.  We have walked in light rain – but have managed to miss the heavy stuff.  Yesterday morning, we awoke to damp conditions – but instead of rain, we faced fog.  Heavy damp fog.  My human’s headlamp was of little use.  If you have ever turned on your car headlights in fog, you know how the light bounces back.  Ditto for headlamps.  On top of that, she is in need of batteries.  We haven’t had to use the headlamp much since she “retired” because we can actually walk during daylight.  But here we are again,  since she has been working, using the old head torch.

Einstein and I went out first.  The FG didn’t even bother to get up.  We have decided that without any doubt – he is NOT a morning dog.  In fact, my human has never seen a dog quite like him.  He is curled up on my human’s bed – or in the pony crate – and he opens one eye to watch us – but doesn’t move a muscle.  We went out the door – and he hadn’t even come out of the bedroom.

Number one good news item – we both went out and “did our thing.”  Although I DO like to raise my human’s blood pressure by waiting until we have almost returned home before making my deposit.  But still – the first walk was a success.

We came in the house and no sign of Mr Sleepy Head.  My human called to him.  No FG.  She called again.  No FG.  She took off her wet boots, walked down the hall to the bedroom – to find him slowly getting off the bed and stretching.  He is REALLY not a morning dog.

They went on their soggy way.  

Here is where I do need to apologize to neighbors on the road.  When we make a deposit, my human picks up.  It’s just what you do.  However, yesterday was a bit of a challenge.  The FG has his habit of leaving a trail.   Like Easter eggs.  But theses are not chocolate.  The only problem – he went in the grass at the side of the road.  So you combine fog, in the dark, with a dim headlamp, and the Easter egg hunt was NOT easy.  My human was bent over searching for “eggs.”  She found two – but there MAY be another one out there.  So apologies to neighbors – we will try to find it on our daylight walk.

So three dogs out.  Three deposits.  No pouring rain.  What more could one ask for?!  That’s plenty to be grateful for.  But wait – there was one more thing. 

My human was ready to leave after breakfast and her shower – and went to take us out for one final pee.  She didn’t put Einstein on a leash – but she did put me on.  And here is where the last lucky bit came in.  Picture this in slow motion.  She goes to open the door and as the door opens and she raises her head – what does she see sitting right on the front lawn?  The Easter rabbit.  At the same moment she sees him – so do we.   Einstein takes off and I run like mad – to the end of the leash.  Now you can hear that slow motion bellow of “FRO-DOOOOOOO.”   He bolts into the woods.  Her mind is racing – we are on a TIGHT schedule here – and a runaway was NOT in the plan.  BUT – miracle of miracles – thank you Saint Roch – Einstein STOPPED.  And he came back!  Meanwhile I was strangling myself. Trust me – if I had been off leash this story would not have ended so pleasantly.

So there you have it – three simple miracles.  Three poops, no torrential rain AND a dog who came back.  My human thought about buying a lotto ticket – but really – what for?  She already had three good wins.

Hope your day is equally miraculous.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.

Seizure free days: 22

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