March 20 – it’s so nice to see you.  It’s the first day of Spring!   And we are very glad indeed.  
My human was laughing at how differently we PONs and the Picard react to the changes in the weather in the Spring.  Take a PON for a walk and he will find the last patches of snow that are left to roll on.  Take a Picard for a walk and he hits the ground to roll when he sees a patch of grass.  The FG nearly took out my human the other night when he plunged to the grass – right in front of her as she was walking him.  My human almost joined him in the roll. 

While searching for grassy areas to roll, the FG also searches for other things…. in the grass.  We know he is a picky eater.   However, my human has found that if there is deer or rabbit poop in the vicinity,  he now has a new craving.  Just like us PONs.  He has learned our recycling habits.  My human can hardly wait for the geese to arrive any day now. 
And speaking of recycling, today is also International Earth Day – a day to appreciate and promote better care for our planet.  My human was looking for dog friendly environmental tips – and she found a few.   Like cleaning up your local dog park.  Only problem, she still isn’t keen on them – so we wouldn’t get to go along.  Maybe we could help clean up our road. We DO pick up our poop – but unfortunately, humans do throw out trash.  So we could help with that.  We could find all the edibles. And Einstein could bark out directions.
Another suggestion is to recycle unused dog things – like extra water bowls or toys.  They could be donated to a shelter.  Someone also suggested not buying new things – like extra attire.  Now that one I agree with 100% – we could definitely stop the Dollar Store shopping. 
Another suggestion is to shop locally for dog products.  My human is all about that – like our Honey Beefers – which are locally made. My human calls them doggie crack.  Everybody loves them.  They are on par with deer and rabbit poop.  Really.  They are.  And much more appealing for humans to handle.
Those are just a few tips for being environmentally friendly with canines.  We still of course have the plastic poop bag problem.  And my human moaned the other morning that we are definitely not helping the situation.  Three dogs and we had a six bag walk.  Three were used by Einstein.  He and the FG are multi-poopers.  The FG leaves a trail while Einstein goes, walks 5 more minutes and goes again.  Five more minutes and again we have results.  And it’s not a consistency problem.  Sometimes I think he just does it sporadically so he can get more treats. Yes, you CAN reopen bags to add to the contents, but it isn’t always recommended when you are juggling two leashes, another full poop bag and you are wearing mittens.  Thankfully the mittens will soon be packed away. 
Yes – we are READY for spring- let the good times roll.  Literally.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 38

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