Let’s Laugh!!!!

March 19. And according to the Crazy Calendar, it’s something called Let’s Laugh Day. There are health benefits to laughter – it decreases stress, and and helps to release endorphins- which make you feel well.  We canines can certainly help with in providing laughable antics.  When we aren’t making my human’s blood pressure go UP.  

So I searched for some recent canine videos which will hopefully give you a chuckle. Some have been circulating on Facebook, and others have been seen in the news.
Let’s start with the baby and the German Shepherd.  Now I must confess that my human sometimes winces when she sees baby and dog videos, because there are signs that the dog is NOT having a good time.  But by all accounts, these two are having a blast together:
Next we have the news hungry Golden.  It may be staged, but we can attest that it COULD be real:
Then we have the puppy with happy feet.  I think this beats Einstein’s pre-meal barking:
Then we have this Fido who likes to groove to the music while being groomed.  Maybe my human needs to play music while grooming us…instead of listening to audiobooks.  On dog training.
Next is this guy who can even out talk Einstein.  He definitely is in the “awkward moments” category:
And last but not least, my hero Kratu. This rescue provides his own type of agility.  I don’t know what my favorite part is – when he hides in the tunnel- or listening to the commentstor’s remarks.
I hope you’ve had a few giggles – and your day contains other laughable, healthy moments!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 37

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