CBD. Part 2. Paragraph 53. Appendix Y. Clause 87.

Well, the plot thickens.  

THANK YOU to the many people who responded with suggestions, ideas and offers for my CBD dilemma.  My human hasn’t been able to answer every message- she was overwhelmed with responses.  She will try to do that today.

I know that several of you have offered to send me the product that we were using (from the US) that is no longer available in Canada.  The problem is that it would likely be seized at the border.  As I understand it, it is not legal to bring it into the country.  So we don’t want to do anything illegal.  Unfortunately, if you try and read through the government webpages about this… well good luck.  My human found a page where it stated that if you have questions about the new law and CBD, to either email or phone.  She phoned.  Several numbers.  And no one could answer her questions because the numbers were call centers. And beyond answering what day of the week it is, they were not helpful.  And not dog lovers….

BUT we ARE making some headway.  Our friend in The Veterinary Drugs Directorate of Health Canada (the one with the Sheltie) is still working on this for us!!!!!  It SEEMS some US companies are posting on their websites that Health Canada has “begun granting personal exemptions to qualifying Canadians.  And IF you are approved by Health Canada, you can import their CBD products.”  So.  Our friend in the Directorate is trying to figure out HOW to get the approval for an exemption.  So there is a light out there….

We are not out of our product yet.  We probably have a couple of weeks worth.  And it APPEARS that some companies within Canada ARE still sellling products…. I’m not sure about the legality of it – and the other thing is being careful about what you are getting. CBD comes in different strengths.  It is unlikely I could overdose (as long as the product has no THC) but in my case, the problem is one of underdosing.  And then having seizures. So knowing the exact makeup of the product is critical.

My human has some other ideas too….like simply marching into the local Health Canada office with a poster of me.  That should get some attention.  Just kidding.  I think. Better yet – she should TAKE me!!!  Heck, she should take ALL of us – for effect. She can threaten to leave us there.  They’ll give us whatever we want. 

SOMETHING will work out.  I have faith!!!  Gulp.

Thank you again for ALL your support.  You have no idea how much we appreciate it!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 31

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