A special day

Well the New Year started off special.  With a special weather statement.  I’ve talked about this before- special in most other contexts signals something unique or good.  Like a special dessert.  But when humans pair special with weather, it is not a good thing.  If it’s going to be a rain free sunny day – they never call it a special day.   Noooooo. But if snow, followed by freezing rain and then rain is forecast- THAT’S special.  So we had a special day to kick off 2019.  It began snowing before we got up- and it continued until early afternoon.  And then the rain started.  So no LONG walks because it was wet snow – and icy underneath.

In addition, my human decided to do the Christmas implosion. Christmas came down.  So that means we are left to our own devices to entertain ourselves while she painstakingly packs up all the decorations.  She was at it for HOURS. Talk about boring. 
Then when she finally finished putting stuff away, she had to go out and clean the luge run.  The plow guy came- but before it stopped snowing and before it started raining. So the driveway now had a two inch coating of slush.  No big deal- except the temperatures are forecast to drop – leaving a special icy coating.  Like a skating rink. 
Einstein and I were allowed to run around outside while my human started shoveling.  And all was good until she spotted me making my way up the driveway to head for parts unknown.  “Hey” she shouted “get back here.”  Busted. The end of my escape plan.  We were put in the house while she continued her job.  
By the time she came in, she could barely walk.  Her back was sore, her legs were sore – she was a pitiful sight.  No long walks yesterday at all.
And today she goes back to work.  Christmas holidays are OVER.  Back to guard duty.  Yawn.
BUT there is a light at the end of the agility tunnel.  She retires at the end of this month!!!! So it will be like permanent Christmas holidays!  Without the tree.  And the decorations.  And the antlers…Now THAT sounds incredible!!!!!!!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 24

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