Well thanks to you, my loyal readers – we got our first ever payment from our blog.  You know how you click on those ads?  And we get a few cents for every click? Well since October, we had a goal to reach $100 – and remember how I told you that we DID it!? Well we got the money!!! So my human went and bought us some Honey Beefers-our favorite treats!  Finally I can pay my own way and buy stuff around here. Thanks for reading- and clicking!
Yesterday we had high winds and pouring rain.  A PON nightmare.  Even the FG came in pretty quickly from his walk.  And then what do three wet dogs do?  Play attack games around the dining room.  Well two dogs played – I just watched.  The objective is to bounce in front of your opponent, he jumps at you, you spin around, he jumps at you, you roll on your back with legs kicking, he pounces on you, you leap up…well you get the idea. You continue this raucous battle until somebody hits the table with the nativity scene and the kings fall down.  At which point the referee steps in and calls the game over.  Hey – the kings were FINE.  And it’s not like Baby Jesus got thrown.
Well I had better go and work on my list for Santa.  Today is pretty much the deadline. Thank goodness for email.  
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 14

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