So I got a gift the other night.  Well it wasn’t JUST for me – it was for me and my brothers.   And really for my human too.  More poop bags! 

It seems at this time of the year, that humans take time to get together with family and friends- spending time eating and the having the odd drink.  My human went to such a gathering the other night.  I’m not sure why dogs are not invited.  My human said it’s because she wants to keep these people as friends.  Anyway, one of the other guests arrived and said she had something for my human and she pulled out a couple of boxes of poop bags!  The kind we like – handles and all.  She is aware that with 3 canines in our household, that we go through these things pretty quickly.  Especially with serial poopers.  It was a MUCH appreciated gift!  It’s clear that she reads my blog and she knew about our bag problem.  That was so nice of her!

Tonight is a full moon.  As the last full moon of the year, it is called the Full Cold Moon.  Probably because December is usually a cold month.  Except here in Nova Scotia this year.  The temperature is forecast to be 12 Celsius or around 56 Fahrenheit- with 100% chance of rain.  See.  It’s because she put the snow tires on.   Mind you….we did have snow this past week too….

Oh and by the way, did you know that on this very day in 1882, the very first string of Christmas lights was invented by Thomas Edison?!  That was probably back in the day when one light went out, and the whole line when out.  My human remembers that.  I wonder if she knew Edison.  Tommy would probably be shocked if he saw the lights today.  You can get all manner of lights – you name a color and you can probably find it.  They come in all shapes and sizes too.  Back when my human was a kid, her father would carefully string up the branches on the tree (so they wouldn’t droop) and made SURE that not a single light came in contact with a single needle.  And of course, no one was allowed to put any ornaments on the tree until the lighting regimen was complete.  It was my human’s least favorite part of decorating.

So in honor of Christmas tree lights – we took a few photos with our own lights.  Well we didn’t take the photos – my human did.  And yes, the treats were EXCELLENT.  I’m not sure who was the best model…you can be the judge!

I hope you have a delightful day!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days : 13

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