A tough day.

Well it was a tough day yesterday.  When I posted my blog, I had had two seizures.  Unfortunately, I had two more.  It was what they call a cluster. -so many in less than 24 hours.  The most I ever had in the past was three.  So four was VERY unusual. My human talked to our vet after number three and after number four.  They adjusted one of my meds, but the vet said if I had another one I should go to the emergency hospital.  My human was on pins and needles all the rest of the day. And all through the night.  The good news is that although they are grand mal seizures- they don’t last more than a minute or two.  And within a half hour after, I’m back to my crazy self.  My human’s sister was over last night, and if she hadn’t been told I had had four seizures, she would never have known the difference.   I didn’t have any last night.  So paws crossed we are back on the mend.

Despite my episodes yesterday, I did have lots of time when I was my usual crazy self. So, given that today is Christmas card day  (according to the crazy calendar), my human HAD to try and take a few shots.  We had a snowfall the night before- so it made the perfect backdrop.  Assuming everyone would sit still…
She loaded her pockets with treats- which meant she had two PONs glued to her.  Meanwhile, the FG was more interested in playing with his ball in the snow.  SOMEHOW, she did manage to get us to stay still for a few shots.  You can pick your favorite…

I have a feeling she STILL may try for a few more.  Because one can never have enough pictures…Note we are not YET wearing antlers….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 0

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