I wrote her letter to Santa…

So while I’m getting ready to write my letter to the guy in red, I started thinking about my human.  She’s kind of busy, so I thought I should write her letter for her.  So here goes…

Dear Santa.

My name is Linda.  I have been relatively good this year.  I say relatively because I COULD have probably given my wonderful dogs more treats – but I promise to do that next year.  I will be retired as of February so I also promise to walk them more. 

Because I share my life with three amazing canines who are always well behaved, I have a number of items I would LOVE to find under my tree on Christmas morning.  Here we go…

1.  Lint rollers.   Everyone owned by dogs never has enough of these. I love lint rollers Santa.  Please bring me a BIG pack. 
2.  Paper towel.  For frequent spills, and the occasional muddy paws.
3.  Poop bags.   Although my current supply is plentiful, one can NEVER, EVER have too many.
4.  A new grooming apron.  Don’t worry if you can’t get this one…
5.  Batteries.   Triple A.  For my headlamp that I use while walking my dogs in a dark.  Better yet Santa, a rechargeable one would be nice….
6.  Vacuum cleaner bags. We go through these like poop bags.  
7.  Environmentally safe non-toxic cleaning supplies.  Because I only want to expose my boys to safe products.
8.  New pillowcases.  Several sets.
9.  Sandpaper and black paint.  To repair some chairs in the dining room that one of my wonderful boys used for a wood craft project.
10. Heavy duty black thread.  For repairs to the dining room carpet. There has not been damage lately, but let’s face it Santa, it’s just a matter of time.  Might as well throw in a spare carpet while you are at it.
11.  Earplugs.   Because one of my sweet boys likes to bark.  A lot.
12.  Another set of mittens with a long string.  So I don’t have to juggle mittens, poop bags, and leashes on cold winter mornings.
13.  Treats.   LOTS of tasty treats.  I love to reward my good boys – so please Santa, bring me lots of treats.  LOTS.  And you don’t need to leave them under the tree in the DFZ.  Please feel free to leave them on a chair in the dining room.  That would be perfect.

Safe travels.  All the best.

Is that not the PERFECT letter?   She will be so happy I wote it for her.  I hope she gets what “she” asked for…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 12 


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