Well THIS is pretty funny.  My human traveled yesterday- before her conference begins.  So after getting up in the wee hours and taking an  early flight, she arrived in her destination- Boston- at 9AM.  She checked into her hotel, got out her umbrella because it was pouring rain – and she headed out to do some shopping.  Shopping plus Boston equals a dream come true.  She envisioned some Christmas gifts and the odd gift for herself.  She was tired- but that is no deterrent to my human.  It’s a tough job, but when ya gotta shop ya gotta shop.

Four hours later, after visiting NUMEROUS stores,  what did she purchase?  Some snacks for her room.  And TOYS for US!  All those fancy designer stores, department stores and discount stores and she makes her biggest purchase at a specialty pet store.  Proper thing.  Are we lucky or WHAT?
Now the big question- do we get them as guilt gifts, or do we have to wait until Christmas?  I vote ASAP.  I guess it all depends if we behave..  
Oh the pressure.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 61

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