Wind war

When it comes to weather, there is nothing worse (for the PONs in this house anyway) than a rainy day.  But yesterday my human thought she experienced one of THE worst weather days ever – and there was no rain.  Or snow.  Or ice.  But at 6AM,  before the sun was up, she walked us canines in what SHE thought was the worst WIND ever. 

What’s so bad about wind you are probably wondering? First off, at the best of times, when the wind is calm, she is constantly juggling us two PONs to keep us from peeing on one another. If she had a dollar for every time she said “Hey – don’t pee on his head,” she would be a rich woman. I mean R-I-C-H.  The other day we stood on opposite sides of a stick coming out of the ground and lifted our legs to pee, effectively showering each other from the opposite direction.  “Aggghhhhhhhhhhh” she shouted.  Thank goodness for waterless shampoo.
But yesterday we didn’t even need to pee on each other.  With the gale force wind, we were peeing on ourselves.  Lovely.  Actually, we don’t  care.  But she does.  
Then holding onto the poop bag and attempting to tie it was another challenge.  She’s holding onto two leashes, her gloves and a poop bag that is flopping in the wind.  With the contents.  Oh and I should mention that she is keeping her head down, because the hat (which SHE thinks is fashionable) has a brim, and she was SURE the wind was going to take it while she was poop bag wrangling.  As we walked down the road to go back home, she couldn’t lift her head to see where we were.  She didn’t even CARE if a car came along.  She figured it would either go around us or put her out of her misery.  
Taking the FG out on his own was a bit easier because she didn’t have two leashes to handle.  Still – the self-showering problem still existed.  Not to mention that taking the FG out in the wind is like adding gasoline to a fire.  He goes extra crazy.
By the time she got back from that walk she was frozen and ready for a nap.  And it was just 7AM.
She spent the day cleaning yesterday.  Which can only mean one thing.  Company.  I’m guessing the sitter becaus although she TRIED to hide the suitcase, we all saw it.  Packing in the bathroom is a bit of overkill really…
If it’s the sitter who interviewed us a few weeks ago, this is going to be FUN.  Although….she IS pretty smart when it comes to dogs.  So I’m not sure we will get away with much.  But you KNOW we will try…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  59

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