My collection

More material for my collection.  A good friend suggested we are going to need to build a structure just to house my collection.  Yup – I’m heading for the Guinness Book.  Biggest poop bag collection.

As you know, we got poop bags from my human’s sister.  And the neighbor. And my human found a stash. And countless people offered to send them.  Local folks also texted my human about where they spotted supplies.   And now 150 bags arrived in the mail from an old friend who must have read about our plight. I think the count must be over a thousand now.  I should honestly start a lottery.  People should guess the date when we will run out.  And the prize…..hmmmmm….it can’t be poop bags, we’ll be all out.  OK.  A pawtographed photo of me.  And my brothers.  AND a box of treats. Unopened.  Maybe.
Meanwhile my human is unbelievably happy with our new internet service. It is 100000 times faster than our old service. It will cut our blog writing time down greatly.  It used to take FOREVER to upload photos. Now- click bing it’s DONE.  She could have hugged the technician who came to install it.  She told the technician about my blog.  As I was sequestered on the deck putting olfactory art all over the deck door.  You can tell when people are not dog people. He just looked at me.  And didn’t say a word.  Still – he was happy my human was SOOOOOO overjoyed.  He has probably never seen a person so happy about the internet.  Nor has he probably ever seen a dog who writes a blog….
Well it’s hump day.  AND …..12 more Wednesdays left.  Something BIG is coming.  In 12 Wednesdays.  But FIRST – we have Christmas.   What’s the deadline for my list to Santa?   Time to start looking through the Canine Wish Book…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 54

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