Time change

Well the phone alarms were going off at all times this week. That’s what happens when the time changes.

It has taken my human two years to figure out my medication times when the clock  changes.  And she FINALLY got it. She started this procedure on Monday.  You see I take one of my meds promptly 
at 7AM and at 7 PM.  So.  She started stretching my time by 15 minutes.  So 7:15 and 7:15 for two days.  Then 7:30 and 7:30.  Then 7:45 etc.  So this morning at what WOULD be 8:00, was now 7:00.  So I’m back to my 7-7 schedule.  With no glitches – and thankfully no seizures!  Great news.
Of course you KNOW we wanted to get up at 5 this morning.  Like we do when my human has to be into work early. Which meant it was really 4AM with the time change.  My human kept trying to argue that we didn’t need to go out yet.  She managed to stay in bed until 4:30, but finally conceded defeat. She decided to take us out quickly, feed us and then she went back to bed! What a waste – those walks should have been an hour longer!
My human and her sister went to a dinner at the church last night. A woman came over, introduced herself and started chatting.  They had not formally met before.  My human said “Aren’t you the couple with the Yorkshire terrier?” My human thought she recognized the couple from the infamous Blessing of the Pets.  The woman looked at my human and her eyes opened wide and she said “wait – you’re the woman with the runaway dog- aren’t you?!”  My human nodded and the woman went on to say how scary that was.  No kidding!  Obviously St Francis was looking down and saved the FG who could have turned a blessing ceremony into a funeral. Yes.  We are now well known in the church community.
Today is going to be a sunny Sunday after a notoriously rainy, windy Saturday. Somehow, though, every time we needed to go out, the rain stopped.  Maybe that Blessing is working for the weather too!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 51

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