Pumpkin bets

We’re taking wagers.  Which we always seem to be doing….like how long the carpet will remain intact before the FG performs teeth crafting.  Placing the chairs on their sides on all carpet edging seems to have deterred the chewing.  For now.  So the fortress remains.

This wager has to do with pumpkins.

My human went a little crazy with outdoor decorating.  And it’s not even Christmas.  She bought some “fall” decor – some mums, some stalks of corn, some dried corn AND some pumpkins.  So what do you think are the FIRST words out of her mouth whenever we go out the front door?  This is BEFORE saying: “Viktordon’tpullyou’llhurtyourselfandFrodostopgrabbinghisearandElroyyouarrgoingtostrangleyourselfand
PONsstopbarkingyouavebeentogetheralldaystopactinglikeyouhavenotseeneachotherbecarefulbefore somebodygetshurt.”  The NEW statement…make that COMMAND, is “DO NOT pee on the pumpkins!!!!!!”

She has to say it EVERY time.   And she has to keep an eye on each of us if we are loose – because WE are all vying for the title of Inaugural Pumpkin Pee-er for 2018.  And it’s also a matter of time before the FG grabs one of the large orbs and attempts to take off with it.  He has been eyeing the stems every time he walks by. 

After my blog yesterday, we learned that LOTS of Picards have very strange eating habits.  Some will only eat off a plate.  Some will only eat outdoors.  So our FG is not as crazy as we PONs think he is.  It’s in his blood.  I wonder if it’s in the breed standard…

My human got some new ideas based on feedback so we’ll let you know how they go.  Like I said, you have to admire those Picards at how GOOD they are at training humans.  This guy takes it to a whole new level…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 28

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