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It’s a BIG day.   It’s my blog anniversary!  1428 posts.  FOUR years of writing something almost every day.  I see in the beginning that we didn’t INTEND to write every day.  And then… somehow it happened.  We have to be crazy and no doubt there are MANY people who think we are!  

We have shared good times, bad times, and some pretty boring times.  But because we have this steady core of readers who support us with comments and feedback – we keep plugging away.  

I want to know the record for the most blog posts by a dog.  I started doing a bit of research to see how we measure up with other dog blogs.  My research was pretty depressing. We didn’t make the Top 20 Dog Blog sites.   Actually we are not even in the Top 100.  But  you know what?!  There are some pretty fancy dog blogs out there….but in all those fancy sites, I couldn’t find one that writes every day.  And I couldn’t find one with over 1000 posts!!!! Yet they have a gazillion followers!  That’s the depressing part. I think we either need to retire or up our game.   Or I need a PR rep.  I’ll have to advertise…

I looked back at one of my earlier posts about what I have learned about humans while writing this blog.  And I think the information bears repeating…so I will plagiarize my own words!

  • Humans  get a license.  It allows them to drive.  It allows them to drink.  But not at the same time.  We dogs get a license.  It doesn’t allow us to drive OR drink.  Seems a bit unfair to me. 
  • For some reason, many humans love Fridays.  To us dogs, every day is Friday.
  • Humans like to bathe and shower.  Every day.  Most of us dogs would be content with an annual cleansing.  You might think that given our superior sense of smell, we would want to be fresh smelling.  But our preferences in the odor department are much more “earthy” than those of humans.  So bathing and smelling like lavender is just NOT a goal for us. Give us a dead fish and we’re happy to roll a dash behind our ears.
  • Humans generally like to eat different things for each meal.  While variety is nice, most of us dogs are content to eat the same thing.  For every meal. 
  • Humans will spend significant amounts of money on toys for us.  The reality?  Most of us would be content with the cardboard from a roll of paper towel or toilet paper.  Or better yet – give us the whole roll. Shredding can be entertaining.
  • Humans do not need to circle, dig or ball up bedding before going to sleep. They are content to just lie down.  Very odd.
  • Humans agonize trying to think of a name for us when we are puppies.  Then they call us a variety of “other” names.  Like me.  I’m Viktor.  Viktorino.  Vik.  And even Trino.  And then they wonder why we don’t come when called.
  • Humans set “rules.”  Like no dogs on the furniture.  Or in the DFZ.  With patience and persistence, we dogs can generally have any rule changed.  We have the “power.”
  • Dog people are all alike whether they own a chihuahua or an Irish Wolfhound or a multi-breed dog.  They all like to share stories and pictures of us.  And they also do this thing where they gravitate toward other people who own the SAME breed of dog.  I guess misery loves company – in some cases…

Overall though, I do think humans ARE pretty cool and when they are well trained, they can be a pleasure to own… 

Thanks for reading today.  And if you want to do me a favor and you are reading this on Facebook, MAYBE just today (for my special day) you could Share my post?  I have a goal of making the Top 10,000 Dog Blog sites for 2018.  And with your help… maybe I’ll make it!  But if you’re not one of those folks who like to “Share” that’s OK.  I do understand.  I don’t like to share treats either – so I get it. 

Oh – and by the way- a big box arrived in the mail yesterday.  I think she caved.  I think I saw some new Chuck-Its.  Wait.  I hope she doesn’t make me wait until Christmas to try them out…
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up! 
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