Vet verdict

Well if it wasn’t bad enough that Einstein had to go to the vet yesterday, the poor guy also was groomed -AND had a bath.  Actually, the FG also had a bath.  Somehow I escaped the bath – but not grooming.  My human really appreciates me on grooming days.  She can actually forget that I ate more dryer lint – and she didn’t think about the hole in the sheets.  Why?  Because I am a PLEASURE to groom.  She even SAID that. Mind you, she started with the FG and then did Mr. Drama King – so in comparison to those two, I am a SAINT.  Saint Viktor. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

So Einstein got his bath and smelled all fresh and clean.  He waited in the car when he got to the vet until it was his turn.  You know my human and her fear of us picking up “something”in the waiting room.  Not to mention those human customers who become zombies when they walk in the door – and don’t pay any annteion to where their dog is.  But no worries, their dog is “friendly” so he can tower over other dogs in the waiting area, who are minding their own business.  Don’t get my human started on the zombie humans. 
My human came in to see the vet and said “OK, you are going to think I’m crazy.”  His response?  “I already think you’re crazy.”  Really that’s what he said!  And then he laughed in his ginormous laugh that can be heard throughout the vet clinic.  And probably across the street. He knows my human.  Too well.  She proceeded to describe the squeaky voice.  And then reminded the vet that she is a speech pathologist so she is trained in listening to voices.  He let out his ginormous laugh again. 
Well he gave Einstein a great exam.  And opened his mouth.  And low and behold.  Inflamed tonsils.  And a red throat.  The cause?  Hard to know.  But something irritated his throat and that’s likely why he is squeaky. So he told my human NOT to be concerned and to stop reading the internet. He prescribed some medication to relieve the swelling and irritation.  Einstein was apparently very well behaved.  Even when the vet was looking at his throat.
So all is again well in paradise.  And we all smell marvelous.  That will last for a day.  
Thanks for all your positive thoughts and good vibes.  What a relief that he’ll be back at his loud obnoxious incessant barking in no time.  And you know what?  I think my human will be happy he is….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 111

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