Independence Day

July 4.  The big birthday celebration day in the US.  More parties, barbecues, parades, flag flying and no doubt some protest march somewhere.  Seem to be a lot of those in the US lately.  I’m not sure why.  After all, I’m a dog – and I don’t REALLY follow politics.   Unless it has to do with dog legislation.  Then I’m all over it.  

My human couldn’t find any US flag headgear here in Canada.  Thank goodness for small miracles…

So some US dog trivia for the birthday.   

1.  How many breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club?
a.  98
b.  156
c.  192
d.  211

2.  From 2013-2017, what breed ranks as number one in terms of litter registrations?
a.  Poodle
b.  Labrador Retriever
c.  Golden Retriever
d.  Beagle

 3.  According to the AKC website, all of the following dog names are considered to be “unique”, except which one:
a.  Einstein
b.  Copernicus
c.  Harper
d.  Max

4.  Indicate if the following breeds are FULLY recognized  by the AKC,  the UKC (the second oldest Kennel Club in the US) or BOTH:
Alaskan Malamute
Plott Hound
Mountain Cur
American Leopard Hound
Silken Windhound

 5.  Match the year to the formal establishment of the following performance events :
1936, 1947, 1991, 1994, 2005

Agility, Tracking, Obedience, Rally, Lure Coursing

BONUS:  What is President Trump’s favorite type of dog?

So what do you know about American dogs?  Let’s see:

1. C    2. B   3. D (Max is still THE most popular boy dog name.  And yes, they listed Harper -which was a dog my human was previously owned by, they listed Einstein (!) and they listed good old Copernicus – the Polish astronomer.  Guess what the next name of a PON in THIS house will be.  But what do you call him for short?  Cope? )

4.  Here are the AKC and UKC breeds:
Alaskan Malamute: BOTH
Chinook: BOTH
Plott Hound: BOTH
Mountain Cur:  UKC
American Leopard Hound:    UKC
Silken Windhound:  UKC
Feist:  UKC

 5.  1936 – 1st Obedience trial
1947 – Tracking was made separate from Obedience
1991- Lure Coursing
1994 – Agilty
2005 Rally

BONUS:   HOTDOG (We won’t go into details about how many Presidents have owned dogs in the past….Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.) 

So Happy Independence Day to our family and friends in the good old USA.   Canines be careful if there are fireworks and don’t steal from too many barbecues.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 43


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