Carpets and company

So I looked back in my blog and on June 5, 2017, we got the carpet that just went out on garbage day.  A new carpet every year.  Time to buy stock in area carpets.  

As I mentioned yesterday, I was the first to roll on it.  And then, before it was even down for a half hour, the FG started to lift up an edge.  “HEY!” my human shouted.  He dropped it and walked away. Eyeing all the edges around him.  We have a counter for my seizure free days. We should probably have a counter for intact carpet days.  
We had lovely company last night – a dear, old friend of my human.  We pretty much behaved – with the exception of Einstein’s incessant welcome bark and the FG’s attempts to jump and knock over our guest.  My human held him by his collar so as there were no bloody noses.   But all in all we behaved.  Except we almost could have lost the FG.  My human went to take Einstein and me out for our last pee of the night, and the screen door was open.  My human heard the door being thrown open and out bounded the FG.  And it was dark out.  She tried to call him over but he had other things in mind.  Her heart was racing – she pictured him racing into the woods.  But for a change, he engaged in a habit that ordinarily drives my human crazy.  He stopped to smell ( and grossly lick) the spot where we just peed.  My human dove to get him and  luck was again with her – she grabbed him.  And back in the house we all marched.
My human was so happy to visit with her friend.  Sometimes you are not able to see people for many years – because you are separated by distance.  But two minutes with that person – and a feeling of comfort and happiness just flows through you.  I suggest you take a minute today or some time this weekend to maybe reconnect with someone special who lives far away – family member or friend. You know those people who who can “refill your soul.”  Or maybe you can “refill” theirs.  Today with the internet, the opportunity to connect is at your paw tips.  So go for it!
My human will spend part of the day today with her friend and then her friend must leave us.   Then my human is free to totally entertain US! She cleaned the house so well, she certainly doesn’t need to do that!  AND the best part – it is a holiday weekend here so she has Monday off!!! Parteeeeeeeee.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 39

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