Farewell to the carpet

It’s gone.  The area carpet in the dining room was dragged out to the curb for garbage day.  And now the dining room sounds empty.  So Einstein’s barking sounds even louder and it echoes.  Kind of.  

We are having company on Friday and my human has been in a cleaning frenzy – when she hasn’t been working on the deck.  Our company is coming for one night – and although the guest bedroom hasn’t been used in months, it seemed to take my human forever to clean it.   Just WHERE does dust come from?  Oh right – three dogs.  Even though haven’t even BEEN in the guest bedroom.  

The carpet in the dining room had become particularly unsightly lately.  We know the FG started it.  And well, we PONs decided to join in.  The corners were all destroyed and some of the edges looked pretty bad too.  We performed our handiwork while our human was at work each day.  We NEVER attempted to touch it while she was home.  So now we await the unrolling of the  NEW carpet.  Which arrived about a  month ago.  It has been stored in my human’s bedroom – she didn’t want to take it out until there was a special occasion.  And now she is worried that it will be chewed on the first day.  She has some special potent yucky stuff to spray all along the edges.  Trust me – there is not much that will deter us PONs if we feel like eating something, though.  Remember, yours truly has eaten bananas.  With the peels.

So yesterday was Good Bye to Carpet Day (at least in our house) and today is National Handshake day.  We all know that dogs can be taught to shake paws.  And did you know that just like humans, we dogs seem to have paw preferences?  Some of us are right-pawed and some are left-pawed.  Of course, we can be trained to use both.  As well,  some of us don’t even NEED to be trained – we paw at our humans spontaneously.  Which can, at times, be a BIT annoying.  To get us to STOP the behavior, we should learn the command for paw or shake.  And we ONLY get rewarded WHEN we are asked to shake.  If we shake without being asked, the human should ignore us – or stand up and walk away.  Sounds great in theory.  It’s hard for my human to keep walking away during supper as one of us paws her.  Not to mention the fact that if she stands up and walks away, she has to take her plate with her.  We PONs are FAST.   Never a dull moment…

So.  Let’s take bets on how long the corners of the carpet stay intact.  I think the FG will again start the handiwork.   And I vote it will be at least started by mid-July.  Agree?   Let’s shake on it.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 37

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