She was lucky….

Well my human needs to go out and get a lotto ticket today.  She is one VERY lucky lady.  She could have found herself missing three dogs…

So the odyssey of scrape-the-deck continues.  This week, for three nights after work, one of my human’s oldest and clearly best friends ever – Stephen – came over to help her until dark.  They scraped.  They sanded.  They replaced boards.  Well- he replaced boards.  She stood and held things. But they worked and worked.  And while all of this was going on, we canines could only supervise from inside. There was too much stuff going on out there – and she didn’t need us peeing on saws or drills or eating rusty screws.  So we watched. And watched. Another reason we were not allowed out there was because they were going up and down the steps a lot with equipment -so the gate was usually open. And open gate equals free dogs…
Last night after work, her sister came over.  My human fed and walked us, before she and her sister had to go out to get some titanium paint for the deck.  Ok.  It’s not titanium.  But it’s some super industrial stuff that costs more for 1 gallon than a 40lb bag of dog food.  And we don’t eat cheap food.  She  is determined that she will NOT be doing this again next year.  So she bought supposedly good stuff.  We’ll see. 
Anyway, when her sister was over, my human asked her to take a look at the deck to see how much sanding is left. Her sister did the inspection, came back in, slid the door closed and said everything looked good. We got some treats and they headed out to get the liquid Gold.
When my human came home, we did our usual joyful greeting dance.  And it was at that point that she realized something.  The door to the deck was open.  Someone had slid it open.  About a foot.  Wide enough for a PON or Picard.  We were all accounted for, but she ran out to see if anything was disturbed.  AND she realized that the  gate was thankfully securely shut.  She did a silent thank you prayer.  Imagine what could have happened had  all of us been loose.  She shudders just to think about it.  She suspects that it was Einstein who opened the door. I’m not saying a thing.  We had a pact not to tell.  
The only thing she DID notice was two large pee rivers on the BBQ and one on the house.  We decided to christen the pristine deck.  She has warned us that NO ONE is allowed to pee on the newly painted deck. Good luck with that! 
In the meantime she’s still giving thanks for that secure gate.  Then again, maybe we DID go out, and we put the gate back. She’ll never know…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 33

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