The picky Picard

So what do you get when you are the pickiest dog on the planet?  Venison.  Dehydrated venison.  That’s the latest menu item for the picky Picard.  And it’s working.

We all know that the FG is picky.  Super picky.  Some days he eats.  And some days he doesn’t.  Even with liver dust.  Or cheese.  There is no rhyme or reason to his appetite.  You just never know with him. So of course it drives my human a little bit crazy.  Especially when she looked at him and thought he was looking pretty thin. Now that is NOT a problem she has with the PON brothers. We would eat a 40 lb bag of dog food until we almost explode. And then we would counter surf for dessert.
Anyway, when my human went to get our food the other day, she decided to try some new kibble just for the FG.  AND she also bought him dehydrated venison. Well.  Not only does he like his new food, he has eaten EVERY SINGLE THING in his bowl for the last two days.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Einstein and I didn’t even bother licking his bowl.  There was NOTHING there. NOT A morsel 
Einstein is a bit of skeptical that this ravenous eating thing will continue with the FG.  But in the meantime , my human hopes to fatten him up a bit.  And I’m ok with him getting more food.  After all, he IS bigger.  but trust me – I’ll be counting the treat distribution. That’s only  fair…or I’ll protest by refusing to eat my meals too.  Sure I will….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days : 29

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