Morgan. My idol.

Well I was looking through the world of dog news and came across an interesting story.  Have you heard about Morgan? No?  She is a 6 year-old Newfoundland dog from British Columbia, Canada.  Morgan is what is called a Grand Champion – meaning she has won LOTS of dog beauty pageants.  So that means she is pretty.  And, she is smart – she has also competed in obedience and draft dog competitions.  Draft dog meaning she can pull a cart.  Not drink beer.  ALTHOUGH, Morgan does have an affiliation with beer too.  You see, Morgan has also been trained to do a HUGE number of tricks.  Including, fetching a can of beer from the fridge, fetching bags of snack foods, roasting hot dogs over a fire (yes – you read that correctly), vacuuming, shoveling snow and pushing a snowblower.  Here she is working with the snowblower:

And here she is doing some of her other tricks.

In addition to all the of above amazing attributes, Morgan is ALSO a trained therapy dog who visits seniors in retirement homes.  She is also trained in water rescue.  Of course she is. Seriously, is there anything this dog doesn’t do?

I think for me, the most amazing thing that she does is open that fridge door.  And ONLY removes what she is supposed to.  THAT is amazing.  Wish I could open the fridge door.  And trust me, I wouldn’t be looking for a can of beer.   I think I want to invite her to come and visit…. Right after my human has gone grocery shopping…

It’s Friday.

Let the weekend begin!!!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Seizure -free days: 28?

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