Dog Clubs. A rant.

OK, what I am about to write will no doubt not sit well with some people.  But heck, I’m a dog, and honestly, we dogs don’t really worry what other people think.  We just want to be happy.  And we usually are!  And THAT’S why humans could take a lesson from us…

My human just joined another dog club.  She’s a member of several.  That’s one of the things some humans do – they join a particular breed club, like the Pogopogo Setter Club of Canada (there is no such thing as a Pogopogo Setter – at least not that I know of!) or they join what is called an all-breed club like the Halifax Kennel Club.  Now the purpose of these clubs, as I understand it, is to promote and share information about purebred dogs.  And ideally to promote good breeding practices.  The clubs may put on dog shows, or be involved in community projects – like the Halifax Kennel Club did – raising funds to buy animal sized oxygen masks for use by our local firefighters.  Certain clubs may form to focus on one type of dog activity – like obedience or herding or draft or agility.  In some of the more perfomance based clubs – dogs who participate need not be purebred. 

But the problem with “dog” clubs is that humans run them.  And humans come with their own set of agendas, their own ideas, and their own goals.  In THEORY, dog clubs SHOULD be happy places because they represent a venue where people come together because they ALL have the same interest. Dogs.  But somehow, humans act like humans – and not like dogs – who basically live for today, and rarely have an agenda.  And egos become involved and words get thrown around and people get mad and then they quit.  Or they have a mutiny.  And the next thing you know, the happy dog club is the cranky dog club.  Or in the worst scenario, the club folds.

It seems my human has stepped into a club like that right now.  And honestly, she is just NEW – so she holds no alliances, to anyone.  And she doesn’t know the “history”.  I suppose she could be voted off the island for even discussing this whole thing – but heck, I’m writing this – not her.   And you’ll note, I haven’t mentioned what club it is.  Or where it is.  In this day and age with the internet, one can easily become a member of a club in a different area or another country for that matter.

The one thing, as a newbie to this club, that my human recognized is that it is no wonder purebred dogs are in such a mess.   Humans are the problem when it comes to dogs.  Something brought all of these people together – an activity or a breed – and that’s what people need to keep in mind… And if they want to see their breed or their sport or purebred dogs in general, continue to grow and develop and be AROUND for a long time – they had better work together.   Unfortunately, with humans that is often easier said than done…What a shame…

OK.  I’m stepping off my soapbox, and instead, stepping up to countersurf.  And I’m going to form my OWN dog club – and no humans allowed…OK, just my human can come.  She has to type the minutes…

Have a good one.  PEACE and paws up! And be happy.

Seizure-free days: 5

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