Eating. Bad stuff…

January 2.  Today is National Buffet Day and National Cream Puff Day.  Just perfect for all those humans who made a resolution to eat healthier and diet.  My human was feeling sorry for herself yesterday – I think 24 hours without junk food is already getting to her…

But the good news – when she took the FG out for his morning walk, she tried something…  She was carrying the tug toy she has been using with the whistle to work on his recall.  She hid it behind her – in her belt so he wouldn’t see it.  And she had her trusty whistle on a rope around her neck.  And she waited for JUST the right moment when he was intently sniffing something and not paying attention to her.  She carefully removed the toy, without him seeing and quickly blew the whistle.  His head jerked up and he raced forward to grab it.  BINGO.  Just what she had been hoping for.  Now of course he WAS on a leash – and will stay on the leash until he is about 10 years old – or until she is SURE he will come – but this preliminary test indicates that the whistle may work after all.  Once he grabbed the toy, they tugged and had a good play with it.  Now mind you, if left off leash he WOULD have run away with it… so they clearly have more to work on.  But it is evident that those brain cells are trainable.

Meanwhile, the “good dog” – Einstein has gotten himself in hot water the past couple of days.  When my human has taken him and me down to the lake, on TWO occasions, Einstein has “found” and eaten SOMETHING in the woods.  Once he was ready to come in the house and he raced off to the woods on the side of the driveway. My human followed him and saw him gowing down something.  She shouted “drop it.”  Too late.  He turned around – looked right at her and smacked his lips.  Don’t you humans love it when we smack our lips after devouring something we shouldn’t?! And then he did that AGAIN yesterday.  She can’t figure out what he is eating.  Probably something dropped by a crow.  Or some animal poop.  Speaking of which…I probably shouldn’t tell this story – although Santa has already come and gone – and although you will no doubt be disgusted- you’ll probably still love me.  Who doesn’t?  The other day while walking on the trail, I stopped to poop – about two feet off the trail in the woods.  My human left it there – don’t panic, it’s organic and on our property – and it’s not like it is on the lawn.  Anyway she continued to walk on – and Einstein was with her.  She went around a bend and waited for me.  And she called.  And I didn’t come.  She called again.  Same response.  So she walked back to see what was keeping me.  Let’s just say I was recycling.  Or we could say I decided that since she didn’t pick up, that it was my job.   Oooooooo-eeeeeeee.  Did she give a shout.  And for some odd reason, she refused to give me any of the yummy treats in her pocket when I came running.  Smacking my lips.  Go figure.  Ya try to help out and that’s the thanks you get.

Today the Christmas explosion comes down.  My human started yesterday, but still has more to do.  I know many people wait until January 6, but it’s back to work for my human tomorrow- so she wanted to have the place back to normal before then.  As if our household is ever normal.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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