Sleeping on the couch.

My human has been sleeping on the couch the past week. In the DFZ.  And no doubt when I tell this story, some of you will think she has lost her mind. And that is probably true, living with us…

So we know she tried to let the FG sleep free in the bedroom with us.  And it was anything but restful.  And then she let HIM stay free in the bedroom, without me and Einstein.  And he DID sleep – but we were upset.  So the ultimate goal is to have all of us SLEEPING together.  With HIM out of the crate.  So my human had this “bright” idea. She would let the FG free at night – with me and Einstein.  And SHE would sleep in the DFZ.   Really.  Anyway, she locks herself in the DFZ – where we can all see her, but we can’t get in.  So SHE gets to sleep.  And Einstein and I are getting used to sleeping with the FG out of his crate.  The first couple of nights – he was crazy.  He had never been free at night – so he tormented me and Einstein to no end.  And at 2 AM he decided to play bowl hockey with one of the metal food bowls.  Then he started crying.  I think that was the night my human took him out to pee and then put him in his crate.

But since then, it IS getting better.  We sleep wherever we want – in the kitchen or dining room – and everyone is content.  AND my human gets to sleep.  Now you may wonder why she didn’t just sleep in the bedroom – and sequester all of us together outside the bedroom.  The answer: she was worried that IF I had a seizure, she would not hear me.  And so when she sleeps in the DFZ, she can easily hear us – so that seemed like a good idea.  If you’re wondering – my seizures seem to be down to 1-2  a month – and they seem to occur within a 48 hour period.   So it’s  BETTER – but we are still working to get them down to one or LESS per month.

Anyway – back to the subject of sleeping.  We have a goal that before my human goes back to work, she will again be sleeping in her bed, and all of us will be free in the bedroom.  And you know – I THINK it may work.

Oh – and the FG is starting to respond pretty consistently to the whistle when playing with the new tug toy.  So it appears he IS trainable.  He and I are ALMOST buddies now.  And I must confess that although it has taken more than a year, I am really starting to like him.  It is not unusual to find the two of us curled up next to each other.  I won’t yet go so far as to PLAY with him, but I have no problems with him being in my personal space.  At ALL.

Well I had better finish my letter to Santa.  I am counting on the fact that he reads email requests.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up. 

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