Sweet dreams. Not.

Well GUESS who got to sleep in the BEDROOM Thursday night OUT of his crate?!  The FG!   My human decided to give it a try.  Again.  BUT – this time she tried something different.  Which REALLY did NOT make me or Einstein happy.  She put up a GATE on the bedroom door and WE were not allowed in!  She wanted to see IF she could get the FG to actually settle down – and go to sleep.  And she KNEW if we were in the room, moving around throughout the night and vying for a good spot on the bed, that he would NEVER relax.  So she set up the gate and we looked at her incredulously.  In the meantime, the FG was bounding on and off the bed. He was checking out things on the dresser.  Licking the area carpet.  Sniffing my usual lounging spot under the stand next to the bed.  And wagging his tail as if it would FALL OFF.  A Picard  in  his GLORY.  While two dejected PONs – who were given extra treats I forgot to mention, just STARED at my human.  So my human shut off the lights and waited.  The FG was on the bed.  Then he got off.  Then he actually went to lie down next to the bed.  Then decided to jump back on the bed.  And lie down on TOP of my human.  It was at that point that she ALMOST gave up.  She warned him that he had 1 minute to settle down.  And guess what?  He DID!  Meanwhile Einstein and I were lying next to the gate for most of the night.  And promptly at 4:45 AM, Einstein announced that he had had enough.  He barked.  Waited.  Barked again.  And my human said “10 more minutes.” And Einstein said “I don’t THINK so.”  So he barked. And barked more.  So by 4:50, she was up.  As she opened the gate, we rushed in and the FG joyfully welcomed us to his new abode.  Einstein and I just stared at him.  

Last night,  she decided she didn’t want to make me or Einstein angry again, and she didn’t feel she was QUITE ready for the three of us being free.  So the FG slept in his crate – which he actually runs into at bedtime.  She figures she will continue this gradual exposure  and before you know it, all four of us will be sharing the same bed.  That is, IF we let my human on the bed.  We’ll see…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

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