A rose by any other name…

So a list of the top dog names in the US have come out for 2017.  This is timely – because my human has a friend who is trying to come up with a name for a PON puppy she will soon be owned by.  According to an article in Travel and Leisure about the names for 2017,  Max wins for the most popular male name and Bella wins for the most popular female  name.  Didn’t I tell you about Bella when we were talking about passwords the other day?!  The other boy names were  Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Jack, Rockie, Oliver, Bear, Duke, and Tucker. And the girls were Lucy, Daisy, Luna, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Maggie, Bailey, and Sophie.  The article also said that 44% of dogs have human names.  I am named for my human’s grandfather (with a slight spelling variation).  So that works.  Elroy could be a boy’s name – although I must confess, I don’t know that I have ever met an Elroy.  Except a cartoon character.  Frodo is a fictional character in the Lord of the Rings – but my human didn’t actually pick his name.  His treasurer was calling him that, and my human thought he looked like a Frodo – so she kept it.   It is interesting to note that  “53 % of dog owners named their pet after a character in a book, TV show or movie”.  So Frodo and Elroy actually both fit that theme.  Cities are apparently another source for dog names – like Sydney,  and Dallas.

So you can use human names, character names, and cities.  Here are some other options for helping you find a name for your dog…

Computer or Internet terms:  like Ram, Cloud or Pixel
Crayola Crayon colors:  Like Peach, Indy (for Indigo) or Cerise
Nature terms:  Like Sky, Meadow or Rocky
Greek or Roman gods: Like Atlas, Thor or Juno
Sporting terms:  Like Hoops, Coach or Ace
Musical terms: Like Jazz,  Bongo or Treble
Candy names: Like Hershey, Truffles or Taffy
Flower names:  Like Rose, Lily or Holly
Car names: Like Lexus, Bentley or Charger

And the list goes on.  I suppose humans could call their dog something related to their job or profession.  Like a butcher could call his dog Meatball.  My human should have named one of us “Talker.”  Actually, that’s what she SHOULD have called Frodo.  Mind you, I still prefer Einstein.

 You know, I bet there are a gazillion dog names.  And humans spend COUNTLESS hours finding the perfect name.  Only to call us a variety of “other things”- usually when we are bad – some of which I cannot type here. When I Googled unusual dog names, I found a list with names like Draino, Huckleberry and Podunk.  Seriously.  Who would call their dog Podunk?  Remember when I wanted to change my name to Balthazar?  That was on that list of unusual names.  I still DO like it though…

My human says it doesn’t matter WHAT she calls us.  We don’t listen.  But we DO listen to the sound of the treat jar opening. Actually, she has more success calling us “TREATS” than just about anything else. We always respond to THAT name.

I’m sure my human’s friend will know JUST what to call her puppy as soon as they meet.  And whatever name she picks, it will be PERFECT.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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