It has arrived…

It has arrived.  Well not officially, but we have had a sampling.  What am I talking about? Winter.  Well, winter weather.  Now I know that some folks have already experienced snow – but it was our first taste Tuesday morning.  And taste it we did.  My human took us out and while it was JUST a dusting on the lawn, we had to sample it.  Nothing quite like fresh snow!  As long as it’s not yellow.

My human is NOT ready for winter.  She had to search for her mittens And she began to panic because she has not put the snow tires on Ludwig yet.  Not that she REALLY had to worry with the snow we had on Tuesday – it didn’t amount to much and was gone by lunch time.  Still – it was a wake up call for what lies ahead!

To get you in the wintry mood, check out the attached snow dogs videos.  The first with some Bernese puppies is beyond cute…

 And this one is a compilation of different dogs.  I must say, I felt sorry for some of those guys on ice…

And then we have this gem, which I believe I have shared before.  Einstein and I in our crazy snow suits.  Looking like VERY strange creatures…

 And this one of the FG last winter with the snow zoomies:

And of course, I MUST share some of my favorite snow pictures.  Ever.  Including one of Baby Pax…

So that’s your intro to snow.  Might as well get used to it if you live in any northern climate.   It’s that – or move to Florida.  And trust me, once the shoveling begins, I KNOW we will be hearing my human suggesting that!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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