Home sweet home

She’s BACK!!!! And while we had a great time with our sitters, we were happy to see our human return .  For a few minutes . Until we realized that she had no guilt gifts.  Seriously.  Yeah, yeah she SAID she tried and apparently has colleagues who will testify to her efforts – but who knew the were no really cool pet shops around the convention centre.  Or around the places she went sight seeing.  I’m still not sure how she managed to do sight seeing while at a conference – but she ASSURED me it was legal.  She even went in a store that had the following foot stool for sale- and thought we might enjoy it- but figured she couldn’t carry it on the plane…

Anyway, we will forgive her.  Because we really ARE glad she is home.  And get this – the sitters said we were well behaved!   No stealing of cell phones ( like I did once with our old sitter – no wonder she retired from dog sitting), no fights ( not that we ever really have any big fights) and we didn’t steal any human meals.  So we were honestly on our best behaviour!  How boring is that?!  
We all barked and jumped for joy when my human came in.  Elroy actually screamed ( he was in his pony sized crate when she got home) and he nearly took her out when she let him loose.  But she survived.
She  is  off today – so we have have lots of time for walks – and games of fetch.  No sleeping in because of the time difference for her – we have things to do!
Have a good one.  We plan to.  Peace and paws up!

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