I am SO angry

Oh my gosh.   I am rarely angry but I saw something on the Internet the other day that left me steaming. Again.   As I recall, this isn’t the first time I have seen this.  It was a list of the 25 Least Popular Dog Breeds.  And get this – PONs ranked #21 – right between the Komondor and the Norwegian Buhund.  Seriously.  And the reasons why we are undesirable?  We require too much grooming, we are hard to train and we require too much exercise for apartment living.  OK.  I get the grooming thing.  But hello?   Poodles never made the list.  And as for training – show me what to do, and I will NOT forget.  Especially if you give me treats.  My human is embarrassed about how easy it is to train us.  Well at least Velcro dog.  She doesn’t have to do things over and over again.  He gets it.  And as for exercise and apartment living.  First off, we are not exactly the size of a Mastiff.  Who didn’t make the list by the way.    And who says everyone in the world lives in an apartment anyway?!

I honestly think the reason we are not popular is because we are smarter than a the average human.  And  definitely smarter than the person who made up the list!   And some humans just can’t take smart dogs.  They like easy, simple, low-key dogs.  And let’s face it – life with a PON is far from low-key.  But that is what makes life with us so rewarding.  And interesting.  PON owners are a truly remarkable subset of the human race- and if you are owned by a PON- you know just how special you are!  I bet the person who wrote that list was a goldfish owner.  Seriously.  Some humans…

© Linda Wozniak

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