Emergency Room Visit.

Frodo is a Drama King.  That’s his new title.

Sunday night my human was talking on the phone and she noticed Velcro dog scratching at his ear.  A lot.  And squeaking.  So my human got off the phone, whisked him onto the grooming/ aka examination table.  She checked his ear and it wasn’t goopy but it was really red. Perhaps from a bug bite.  Or a big furry bug licking him.  

She put some ointment on his ear and went to call back her friend.  And Velcro dog started scratching again.  And squeaking.  My human hung up again and went back into the surgical ward to put more ointment on.  But Velcro dog kept squeaking.  So there was only one solution.  Off to the emergency clinic.  Or should I say the canine casino.  You never know how long you’ll be there and the cost is truly a gamble.  It takes about 20 minutes to drive there and it was pouring rain.  Of course, Velcro dog never once scratched on the way there- which made my human wonder if the visit was really necessary.  But she knew she didn’t have the best drops for a sore ear so she figured since they were on the way, they might as well go.  Remember, Velcro dog is a Drama King when it comes to discomfort.  I mean when he is brushed he sounds at times like he is having his teeth pulled out. 

Once there,  Velcro dog acted like a Drama King while waiting for the Vet.  It’s not like he’s ever even been to the emergency clinic, but he squeaked and panted. For awhile.  But he also managed to pose for photos, because my human had treats.  They were finally seen after about an hour and a half wait- and the Vet said maybe it was from a bug bite. Because the inside of his ear was fine- it was just the outer part that was red. Perhaps it COULD be from a large bug.  A furry one.

Velcro dog was VERY good for the Vet.  She had treats.  She instantly became his friend for life.  So 5  minutes later they were on their way home.  With a bill for just over $200.  And the Drama King never scratched ONCE on the way home.  And the drops hadn’t even been put in his ear yet…

I was happy to see them when they came home – and I wasn’t as traumatized as the last time they left me.  But I was happy and to show my excitement for their return, I went to lick Velcro dogs ears…And for SOME reason, my human emphatically shouted “STOP!!!!”   Talk about being dramatic.   I know where Frodo gets it from…

©  Linda Wozniak

2 thoughts on “Emergency Room Visit.

  1. It's funny that you posted this. My Waldo has had an itchy ear the past week or so and hes been going after his paws too. He does have pretty bad allergies though so it could also just be the time of year. I hope that Velcro dog doesn't end up with allergies, they are not fun at all! Feel better Frodo!


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