We stink. Seriously.

OK.  So in her desperate quest to keep us flea and tick-free without the use of chemicals, my human has made us human-free. Well not really human-free – but just a bit unappealing to humans.  Our breath stinks.  And why?  She started us on these dog garlic tablets that are supposed to repel ticks and fleas. No wonder.  They would repel just about any living organism, except perhaps a skunk.  We just started them recently so we’ll let you know if they actually work on the insects.  Especially the dreaded ticks.  So far so good – but the season is early. 

I know she just wants us to be safe – but this stuff is potent.  Now I suppose she’ll be on the hunt for some organic dog breath mints. And if it’s not the garlic tablets, she sprays this all-natural stuff on us that makes us smell like walking citronella candlesHonestly.  The stuff we must endure…

Have a good one.  Said the stinky dog.

©   Linda Wozniak

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