It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Well it’s Friday – so that means for the next THREE days we have our human home with us – AND her mother too.  We know I am her favorite grand-dog, or at least I THINK I am, so it means lots of treats.  She is familiar with the lick-the-yogurt container routine at breakfast, and she knows how to share her banana. And she has learned how to distribute those banana pieces so that Frodo doesn’t take off her fingers in the process.  She is also very familiar with the treat jar – but just in CASE she doesn’t know where it is, I’ll be sure to remind her.

My human’s broken toe is healing up quite nicely.  Thank goodness.  Because she has had QUITE the week.  While she was waiting at the red light coming home from work, someone hit her car from behind.  It appears that just the bumper on Harold was damaged, and it will have to be replaced.  More importantly, no one was hurt.  But it is a nuisance.

So I think my human is looking forward to the weekend as much as we are.  And I just KNOW she can’t WAIT to play fetch.  Over.  And over again.  She is so lucky we keep her active.
Here I am retrieving and jumping down a garden wall. I can do this, like 3 thousand times. I LOVE retrieving!!!!
Have a grrrrrrrrreat day! I know I will! But then for us dogs, EVERY day is Friday!

© Linda Wozniak

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