Sheep. Round 2.

Not again.

I just heard my human talking on the phone.  We are definitely trying again.  The sheep thing.  On Saturday.  But THIS time – just I am going. Frodo gets to stay home with Paxton.

So we’ll drive for over an hour and I’ll have my chance again with the wooly wonders.    My human has attempted to get me to watch sheep videos – but I’m not all that interested.  Secretly, I’m hoping it will rain – because I know she won’t take me if it’s pouring. 

One thing I know for sure, if it was a herd of cats, you would see me move.  Yesterday morning as we were walking up the driveway – in the dark – Frodo and I got the scent of something.  My human was wearing her headlamp and she could see a pair of eyes looking at us from a big pile of boulders that is close to the road.  She couldn’t make out what it was – but she was quite sure it was a cat.  The neighbor’s cat likes to sit there – so it most likely was him.  If Frodo and I had been off leash, well let’s just say our herding instincts would have been very evident.  I realize that’s probably not REALLY herding – more like chasing with the intent to “make friends” – but herding sounds better.

My human also spotted a set of eyes about a week ago as we were walking up the road in the early morning darkness.  I DO think that hair in our eyes CAN be a bit of a detriment – as we didn’t see those glowing eyes – which my human later realized (when the eyes moved into a streetlight) was a FOX.  Again Frodo and I got the scent – but we REALLY need some night-time goggles.  Hey- I wonder if I can find those on the net….

So I’ll be watching the weather fore-guess the next few days.  Can ewe believe she is trying this again?  Baaaaaaaaad idea…..

© Linda Wozniak

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