Fall photo shoot

Well Saturday was quite the day. The obligatory fall photo shoot. As soon as my human started getting together special treats, we knew something was up.  That and the fact that Frodo and I were groomed in the morning and Paxton was also brushed. An obvious clue that something was up. And THEN we spotted it. The dreaded bag from the Dollar store. So this was not going to be an ordinary photo shoot. Yes – the dreaded Halloween attire.

Even the “regular” shots – sans costume, were NOT easy. Paxton was in a TOTAL non-photo mood. He would not look at my human. Picnore SUPREME.  And he would NOT put his ears up. As SOON as my human put the camera/phone away, he was FINE. Here are a few of the 4+million taken.

You’ll have to wait for the Halloween shots.  Unless I can destroy her phone before then.  Let’s just say that Frodo was QUITE happy with HIS attire.  And mine – well I suppose it IS apropros…

© Linda Wozniak

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