What if…

You know, sometimes I look at my human’s newspaper and I just shake my head.  Seriously humans – you are SUPPOSED to be the smartest group on the planet.  But what do I see in the paper?  Terrorists.  (not to be confused with terrierists – those people who love Westies and Scotties and Airedales).  Pollution (the only pollution we dogs create is organic!)  Racism (we dogs generally like other dogs – well, at least we like the smell of them. And the places they have peed.).  Obesity (we canines have the same problem – but then WE don’t get the choice in what you feed us!). 

Sometimes I get some crazy ideas and I wonder “what if….”

What if… every human who is physically fit – for one day a month instead of going to the gym, or for a run – went to a local dog pound and walked a dog.  Or went to a nursing home and took a resident for a walk around the block in his wheelchair…

What if…every human who watched the Superbowl this weekend donated 50 cents to training a service dog…or to a rescue group…or to a Veterans’ group…or to helping fund research for some disease…THINK of the money that could be raised….

What if …humans could STOP thinking from their OWN point of view for ONE day and start thinking like dogs – who are happy for every sunrise, happy to simply go for a walk…happy to see their humans and well…just plain HAPPY in general….

My goodness.  Wouldn’t it be a very different world?  

Excuse me while I go and shred my human’s newspaper….and I continue to work on my political career. 

© 2015 Linda Wozniak

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